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Specially Designed 3 Burner Hob to supply you with a personalized surface, suiting any need or cooking preference. With its multifunctional hob, CR-15three Burner Hob offers a different solution on a single hob, able to fulfill any expectation giving you the maximum versatility in power regulation and space distribution.

Power, Safety

Delivered by 3 injectors

Packs a solid punch with 3 injectors to deliver 3.3kw of cooking power. The top aspiration configuration assures complete safety. The cast-iron crowns will not distort even under heavy usage. With inner/outer ring control, it is the best choice of burners available in the market.

Cast Iron Pan Support

Provide a strong contemporary statement in the kitchen providing robust support for your pans whatever the size. wok stand support is also provided to allow specialist round-based works to be used safely and effectively.

Copper Stainless Steel Panel

Aesthetics. Metal panels create a beautiful appearance for exterior and interior applications. Shiny and matte finishes can be shaped into a wide array of patterns, to look ultra-modern or vintage.

Fireproofing. While the fire is always a risk in any appliance, the metal panels can act as a barrier to fire to help keep an active fire from spreading and the affected area cool during intense heat.

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