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Specially Designed 3 Burner Hob to supply you with a personalized surface, suiting any need or cooking preference. With its multifunctional hob, CR-10 three Burner Hob offers a different solution on a single hob, able to fulfill any expectation giving you the maximum versatility in power regulation and space distribution.

Power, Safety

Delivered by 3 injectors

Packs a solid punch with 3 injectors to deliver 3.3kw of cooking power. The top aspiration configuration assures complete safety. The cast-iron crowns will not distort even under heavy usage. With inner/outer ring control, it is the best choice of burners available in the market.

Cast Iron Pan Support

Provide a strong contemporary statement in the kitchen providing robust support for your pans whatever the size. wok stand support is also provided to allow specialist round-based works to be used safely and effectively.

Copper Burner (Long Nozel)

Firstly, since it’s denser than aluminum and has less thermal conductivity it heats up more slowly but tends to spread the heat more evenly. Due to this it also has superior heat retention. It’s also more durable, withstanding wear and tear much¬†better¬†than aluminum.

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