AHBC 90(13)

SKU: RH-9013001

18,000.00 16,850.00



Super Magic Suction

Purif The lampblack instantly and make you a fresh kitchen. Brand new air duct system design and large diameter impeller both greatly increase the air output.

Smart & Clean System

The large size of borderless lampblack collector tank, Upper and medium glass match makes an obvious level. Seamless welding technology makes it easy to clean.

  1. No wires visible design keeping the electrical system away from the oil and humid air.
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Aluminum frame with perfect workmanship

Automatic pressure boosting. The revolutionary technology has an IntelliSense of smoke pressure, keeps an environmental and high efficient gas discharge.

  1. Perfect welding and polishing
  2. Bending with 1pcs of stainless steel plate
  3. Stainless steel buckle

 Top Features

  • Wire concealed design
  • Aluminum foil exhaust pipe
  • Double impellers
  • Blower structure
  • Motor: Energy-saving, Quiet, Wear-Resistant
  • Impellers



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