Capacity: 35/45/65/80/100 Liters Available

CABINET : Made of stainless steel (M) Durable and long lasting, especially for hot climate. Back side is easily removable for service and cleaning.

COMPRESSOR : High back pressure compressor with condenser and fan motor are slightly over sized to ensure efficient and smooth working in all conditions.

COPPER PIPE : Coiled outside of water tank and thematically sealed with R-134a CFC free.

INSULATION : Moisture proof and highly effective thermo pore insulation for maximum cooling efficiency and reduces start and operating time for compressor

WATER TANK : Made of Food Grade, Non Magnatic Heavy Gauge stainless steel sheet tested on high pressure.

THERMOSTAT : Adjustable from 9 C 12 C (484 to 54F) built in inside to prevent freezing

TAPS : Spring loaded push button type in chromium finish.

DRAIN SPOT : Made of ABS plastic. covered with stainless steel tray.

Water Cooler

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