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30 Beautiful Examples of Kitchen Floor Tile

Hardwood floors work, cork works, and bamboo works too, but when it comes to certain rooms of the house, tile is an even better way to go. From colors and designs to simplicity and function, there’s a lot to take into consideration when deciding on your kitchen flooring.

Yellow and cream kitchen tile cheese floor classic black and white kitchen tile floor Hexagon honeycomb kitchen floor tile

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a smaller space or a larger one, because what we’ve compiled can inspire any size. Check out these 30 beautiful examples of kitchen floor tile below!

Top Ways to Use Tile to Transform Your Kitchen

1. Natural Tones

Kitchen Floor Tile

HGTV brings us some more traditional inspiration in the form of this naturally-toned kitchen floor tile. The space is open and modern but the floor sets the mood for a more welcoming, warmer space for the family. We love the contacting sizes as well making it a more interesting addition to the chic room.

2. Large Subway

Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tile

Here’s another more traditional choice for kitchen tile. Large, subway pieces in a beautiful natural color set the foundation for this crisp space. We love the white, cottage flair surrounding the room and how it feels both very luxurious as well as family-friendly.

3. Marble Pattern

Marble Kitchen Floor Tile

Black and white is always a classic choice, which is why we’re swooning for this tile design. But there’s marble thrown in here as well making it an even more on-trend and timeless choice. Add a bit of femininity and luxury to the kitchen by going with something similar. Marble is one of the top material choices for a kitchen makeover. It has a wide selection of patterns and shade options and is a beautiful material to add to any room. You’ll find that it’s a slightly more pricey tile choice, and you should always consider using a professional for the best results during its installation. Ensure you clean and seal marble tiles regularly, to make the most of your new kitchen tile flooring.

4. Traveler’s Spirit

Patchwork kitchen floor

We love how this find on Goodnova-Godiniaux may us feel. With tiles gathered from different patterns and designs, they come together to create a design with a “traveling spirit.” It’s eclectic and fun without straying away from the minimalistic simplicity of the kitchen’s overall vision.

5. Yellow Chess

Are you looking to add a bit of personality and color to the kitchen? This yellow chess tile floor featured on Trendir is so much fun! It’ll fit right into a more family-friendly space, vintage-inspired design or even one with a more eclectic or cottage-esque vision. If you don’t think yellow is the best option for your kitchen, consider red or orange as another fun color scheme for your kitchen makeover. You’ll soon find this room becomes one of your favorite places in your home and your family will love gathering in a warm and fun kitchen space.

6. Small Pattern

If you really want to liven up the small, think about installing smaller designs. This tile featured an intricate, black and white geo pattern that brightens and creates dept in a more modern, crisp kitchen. And we love how personalized it feels! These type of tiles would look great in a very small kitchen, and will make even the tiniest of rooms feel larger and more vibrant. Of course, you can choose any color and pattern to fit your needs, and you’ll find patterned tiles soon become the focal point of your space.

7. A Feminine Touch

Add some femininity to your floor’s design by using this gorgeous space from Nesting With Grace as inspiration. The tile choice here finished off this cottage-flavored vision with ease and bouts of girlish charms. We love getting a surprise piece of art in a place so unsuspecting!

8. Chic Hexagon

hexagon tiles have a certain contemporary vibe as well. We’re loving this posh space from House Tweaking and how it acts as such a clean palette to build and decorate upon. If you’re looking for something versatile, then this choice should definitely be at the top of the list. The hexagon shape is one of our favorite tile options on the market today, and you can find hexagon tiles in various sizes and materials. Hexagon tiles transform any room with their unique pattern and are extremely easy to lay down by yourself if you are looking to save money. They add a fun and modern touch to any room and are a great variation on classic square or rectangular tiling.

9. Retro Details

You can easily add unique, retro vibes to your kitchen by choice floor tiles that fall into that same category. Just check out these colorful, patterned tiles from House Beautiful! It really helps to create a throwback vibe in the space, don’t you think? Even if you don’t think this type of pattern will work in your kitchen, you’ll find another pattern and color scheme that still offers that fun retro effect. Retro kitchens are incredibly popular today. Even in more contemporary homes, you can head back into the past and add a fun touch of character to your kitchen with retro details.

10. Contemporary Blue

We’re swooning for this simple, contemporary blue tile design we found on Simo Design. What’s even better is that it expands from the floor to the bottom of the cabinets for an extra sleek look as well as providing more length to the room. The bit of wood thrown in creates a comfort within the posh vision too.

11. Traditional Travertine

Jamie herzlinger gives us another beautiful kitchen and one that’s been finished off with traditional travertine tile. We love how crisp and clean this entire space is – and the flooring plays its hand in that vision nicely. Also, notice the greens and yellows contrasting beautifully with all of the cream!

12. Geo Floral

Here’s a gorgeous geo pattern that’s hard not to swoon for over at 100 Layer Cakelet! This design is a bit bigger so it expands the space of the floor even more so – or at least gives the illusion. And it coincides nicely with the trendy, contemporary nature of the kitchen.

13. Warm Hopscotch

Hopscotch tiles are a fun way to add some style in an unsuspecting place. This route coincides well with Southwestern styles or more rustic decor choices. Offers up so much inspiration too, and this is just another great example of how you can add surprising details to a family-friendly home.

14. Multi-Size & Tone

Here’s a similar hopscotch style tile that we’re loving but this one has varying tones and textures. And those different shades add a new level of dimensioned interior to this darker, richer space. It’s the perfect finish to a kitchen with a more industrial vision. This just goes to show that you don’t have to stick with the same shape and color throughout your kitchen, and you can create a more artistic style by mixing and matching different textures.

15. Brushed Limestone

Mandarin Stone showed off this brushed limestone and we love how gorgeous it turned out to be. Neutral and traditional at first look, it’s a versatile way to add a posh appeal to the kitchen. This too is also a more versatile choice in tile.

16. Moroccan Inspired

If you love color and patterned prints, add some funky, Moroccan flavor to the kitchen and jazz it up a bit. Style by Emily Henderson showed off this beauty as well and we’re loving all of the eclectic and feminine touches. From the golden hardware to those blue sunbursts, it’s a stunning room design.

17. Small Sunburst

Here are some small sunbursts to grab inspiration from too! This kitchen is filled with function and style, and a lot of that style comes from this intricate, gray tile floor. It plays well with the neutral wood island and the blue stove as well.

18. Classic B&W

Finally, we leave you off with this classic black and white floor. Checkers add fun to contemporary spaces and a retro vibes to kitchens that have that vintage appeal intact. We believe you can’t go wrong at all with black and white tiles, and they’ll work in any type of home. Even if you have a smaller kitchen space, consider adding this color scheme. It’s easy to match your cabinets and countertop to the floor, and you’ll find most utensils and kitchen tools come in this color scheme too.

19. Painted Tile Floor Makeover

If you already have a tile floor in your kitchen but are sick of the sight of the old-fashioned tiles, why not give them a makeover? Make Do and DIY took an old brown kitchen floor and gave it a coat of paint to create a modern, grey tile floor. You won’t believe how easy it is to completely transform your space, and it will cost only a fraction of what it would to lay a whole new floor down. You don’t even have to use expensive tile paint for this project and you can just find a floor paint in the shade you desire.

20. A Modern Black and White Design

We’ve already shown you one black and white idea for your kitchen, but this black and white tile floor from House Beautiful will show you another way you can incorporate this classic color scheme into your home. The off-white marble tiles give a little more character to the space, instead of just having a set of bright-white tiles. You’ll find that they hide the dirt that often makes its way onto the floor a little better, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the floor constantly as you might with white tiles.

21. Stunning Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be one of the more daring options when transforming a kitchen, but we think they look amazing in almost any home. They evoke a Mediterranean feeling in any home, and your kitchen will soon become one of your favorite rooms purely thanks to the new flooring. Studio McGee offers us this home makeover, and as you can see, the space is completely changed just by adding this flooring. Black and white mosaic tiles will go well with a colorful kitchen cabinet range, like the dark green ones used in this kitchen.

22. Dark Hexagonal Tiles

House Beautiful shares these dark hexagonal tiles which would look stunning in any modern kitchen. As we’ve already established, hexagon tiles make a chic addition to any room, but these ones, in particular, keep with the contemporary feel of your home. The contrasting brown and cream tiles offer a muted palette that’s in keeping with the rest of the kitchen design. Due to the shape and design of the kitchen, they actually use two types of flooring, and we love how the hexagon tiles so seamlessly switch over to the wood flooring.

23. Wood Look Tiles

If you can’t decide between tile and wood flooring, why not have the best of both worlds? These wood look tiles that Random Thoughts Home used in their home makeover adjust the look and feel of the room entirely. They are a really classy addition to any kitchen and are suitable for both modern and more traditional homes. As with any type of wood addition, you’ll find they are available in a wide selection of shades, but we enjoy the paler color of tile used in this project. Avoid going too dark with your kitchen flooring, as sometimes this can drown out the room and make it appear very dark and dingy.

24. Large Square Tile Flooring

Funky patterns and mixed color schemes can work in some homes, but many people would prefer to keep their tile flooring a little more uniform. If that’s the case for your home, take inspiration from Vintage Home Love and their kitchen makeover. The square tiles used in this project create a clean and fresh aesthetic in the kitchen and make the space look tidier than before. You can then easily add any furniture to the kitchen as needed, and you won’t have to worry about it matching with the design of the floor. When doing a complete kitchen makeover, consider using both ceramic tiles and a ceramic countertop for a matching effect.

25. Porcelain Floor Tiling

Carla Aston Designed shows us how to achieve this kitchen transformation which incorporates porcelain floor tiling. Most homeowners choose between ceramic and porcelain floors when decorating their kitchen, and these are generally the two most popular materials on the market today. It’s usually just a matter of choosing the one that creates the best overall aetheric and atmosphere for your home. These porcelain tiles are the ideal combination of beige and grey, and they will still hide any dirt and dust that makes its way onto the floor. The quality of porcelain tile floor is second to none, so it’s usually well worth the investment for a long-lasting option for your home.

26. Warm Terracotta

Another classic tile color and material is terracotta, which we think looks great in larger kitchens. It’s one of the most sturdy materials out there today and can go with a wide range of kitchen design ideas. You’ll find larger terracotta tiles usually work best in your kitchen, and they’ll easily cover up any mess you make while cooking or eating. Terracotta tiles add a warm and homely feel to any room, which is why they are used so often in Mediterranean kitchens today. Head to Driven by Decor for more inspiration for adding these to your kitchen.

27. Slate Tile

One material we’ve not showcased yet today is slate. Slate usually comes in a gray or charcoal shade and is a natural choice for adding to your home. It’s a very durable option, so it’s ideal for a busy kitchen if you have a big family. The only consideration when adding slate to your kitchen is that it can scratch a little easier than the other materials in your home. Make sure you stripe and reseal the slate regularly and mop it often to keep it clean. Check out Michelle Gage for more inspiration for adding this material to your kitchen.

28. Granite Tile

You may think that granite is just reserved for your countertops, but it’s a great option for floors as well. The tiles usually have small flecks with different shades and colors, which add more depth to your room. It’s an extremely durable material that is also heat-resistant, which is why it’s used so often on countertops. This isn’t a good option for a DIY project, as it should always be professionally sealed and installed to avoid issues further down the line.  Made by Girl showcases a stunning kitchen makeover with granite tile to give you an idea of how this might look when adding it to your home.

29. Onyx Tile as an Alternative to Marble

Houzz shares this kitchen makeover showcasing a contemporary kitchen in Louisville. If you aren’t familiar with onyx, it’s quite similar to marble and is a translucent stone. This material isn’t as hardwearing as other options on our list today, so stick to using it in quieter kitchens. It’s a luxury tile option for modern homes, and you’ll find it to be about the same price as marble. You can use one color throughout the room or mix and match a couple of colors to give more variety to the floor. Make sure you maintain these tiles well to avoid any issues within a few years with your new floor.

30. Cement Tile Floor

Cement is a budget-friendly tile material that we recommend using in a kitchen of any shape or size. It’s a really long-lasting and low-maintenance option that creates an industrial-style kitchen. The great thing about cement is that it comes in a selection of shades and styles, so you can choose an option that works best for your needs this year. You’ll need a professional to install this material, which will help to make it last longer than expected. Clean your tile floor regularly to ensure it doesn’t become stained or damaged. Savvy Kitchens shares how cement tile flooring can easily be added to any space.

Tile is one of the best ways to transform your kitchen floor this year, and you’ll find there are so many great options to add to any size or design of kitchen. Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll find that they look great in even the smallest of kitchens. Whether you want to do some kitchen floor tiles that are a little more traditional or a bold and bright color scheme, we hope you’ve found an idea that works for you on our list today. Whichever one of these ideas you go for with your next kitchen makeover, we hope it transforms your kitchen into a room you love spending time with your family in this year.

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40 Multifunctional Kitchen Islands With Seating

The kitchen island is a must-have in most homes. Even though being able to incorporate it into the décor means that you need to have a kitchen that’s large enough to accommodate it without problems, this restriction doesn’t go as far as that.

Multifunctional Kitchen Islands With Seating
A very beautiful island with a minimalist, contemporary design

The great thing about kitchens islands is that they’re usually multifunctional. A kitchen island can be a great prep area, especially if it has a built-in sink. But the versatility doesn’t stop here. You can also use the kitchen island as a bar or breakfast area.

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect solution for open-plan living spaces. When building an island, we always recommend adding a good amount of space around the sides to ensure there is still room for people to pass by even while you are seated at the island.

Islands are something that a high percentage of homeowners today expect to see when buying a new home, so it’s a worthwhile feature to add to any kitchen. As far as seating, we encourage you to leave about 10 inches between your knees and the bottom of the counter to ensure you can sit comfortably at the island. Let’s take a look at some of the top kitchen island design ideas you could add to your home.

40 Ways to Add a Kitchen Island with Seating to Your Home

1. Add an Extendable Feature to a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be both small and functional if it has the right design

This is the case of those kitchen islands that have seating. By that, we mean that they either have an extendable feature that allows them to be used as a table/desk/bar or that they have a design that allows them to be used as such. Some kitchen islands are a combination between a workspace and a table and they become a sort of hybrid with eye-catching shapes and designs. We have prepared a selection of images of kitchen islands that respect all these criteria.

2. An Elegant Kitchen Table

This is an elegant kitchen island that also serves as a table

3. A Compact Island with a Built-In Sink

Here’s another version of a compact island with a built-in sink and seating

4. A Hybrid Kitchen Island

A hybrid kitchen island with a table extension on one side

5. A Minimalist Contemporary Island

A very beautiful island with a minimalist, contemporary design

6. A Kitchen Island with a Prep Area

A kitchen island that’s a prep area on one side and a table/bar on the other

7. A Kitchen Island Which Doubles Up As a Dining Table

A long kitchen island can also become a dining table for casual guests

8. Add Storage to a Kitchen Island

Kitchen island with storage on one end and a breakfast space on the other

9. A Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Another version of a multifunctional kitchen island, featuring sleek bar stools

10. A Small Kitchen Island

A small kitchen island with a rounded top and room for three

11. A Versatile Large Kitchen Island

A large kitchen island can be even more versatile as it can also include lots of storage space

12. A Bar and Table

In a home with an open floor plan, the kitchen island often serves as a bar/table

13. A Compact Kitchen Island

This compact kitchen island nicely combines storage with seating

14. A Two Level Kitchen Island

A more complex kitchen island featuring two levels, one for each type of activities

15. Use Your Kitchen Island as a Table

It’s common for the kitchen island to become a table in both traditional and modern homes

16. Have the Prep Area on a Different Level

To differentiate the different areas, the prep space is a different level

17. Hide the Stools Underneath the Kitchen Island

This design is both multifunctional and space-efficient as the stools can be hidden inside the island

18. A Kitchen Island Near Your Garden

Such designs are suitable for open-space designs or kitchens that open onto the exterior

19. A Table Extension Perpendicular To The Island

The extension can be perpendicular to the island and serve as a table

20. Add Bar Stools on One Side

Or the island can double as a bar, with bar stools on one side

21. A Practical Yet Attractive Island Design

This combo is practical and attractive in a lot of different configurations

22. Choose Contrasting Tables and Chairs

The contrast between the table and the chairs makes the whole décor pop

23. A Black Kitchen Island

Because of the black details, the island seating is not invasive at all

24. Match Bar Stools to the Counter

For a cohesive look, match the bar stools to the counter

25. Add Plenty of Storage to Your Island

Make the most of your island by also including plenty of storage

26. Make the Table a Separate Extension

The bar or table can be a separate extension, offering the island its independence

27. Choose the Right Height for Your Counter and Stools

In order for this combination to work, the height of the counter and stools has to be just right

28. Make Your Kitchen Island Wider

An option is to make the island counter wider to include extra seating

29. Match Your Island to Your Floor and Accent Wall

The island matches the floor and the accent wall which is an interesting approach

30. An Open Plan Kitchen

Kitchen islands with seating are usually seen in open floor plans

31. Include An Island in a Separate Kitchen

Yet this doesn’t mean separate kitchens can’t include them as well

32. Match the Stools to the Ground

The bar stools almost look like they’re growing out of the floor, being an organic part of it

33. Add a Kitchen Island to a Small Room

Even smaller settings can adopt this type of design, making it work

34. Match the Stools to the Pendant Lamps

By matching the stools to the pendant lamps, you make the space look more natural

35. A Casual Yet Chic Kitchen Island

This is a very casual but also very chic design where everything is perfectly chosen

36. Add a Kitchen to a High Ceilinged Room

The high ceiling takes away from the robustness of the large island

37. Create the Distinction Between The Extension and the Counter

The island extension here is slightly higher than the counter, creating a clear distinction

38. Porcelain Tile Kitchen Island

The blue and white design of this porcelain kitchen island creates a classy addition to any large kitchen

39. A Wooden Kitchen Island

A wooden kitchen island helps to create a cozy look and feel in a more traditional home

40. A Marble Kitchen Island

A marble kitchen island will look great in any modern home and creates a solid surface for preparing food on

But the shape and the design are elements that always differ. What’s important for a kitchen island with seating is to be a perfect combination of functionality and versatility. This means it needs to have built-in storage spaces, to fit into the room properly, even when it’s expanded, and to allow you to use for a variety of activities, such as prepping, having breakfast, working, etc. A kitchen island is an excellent addition to anyone’s home and somewhere you and your family will love spending time together.

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Save Space in Your Kitchen with an Over the Range Microwave

Over-the-range microwaves are perfect for small kitchens or for those of you would love to have more countertop space available for placing other items that you use on a regular basis. These are not your average microwaves, so there are some things that you need to know before you buy them.

over the range microwave

They can be extremely efficient when you know what to look for and choose the right product, so let’s dig deeper into the topic.

Top 3 Picks

Most Powerful: Frigidaire Gallery Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Packing 1,450 watts of power, the Frigidaire is one of the top choices because it offers everything you’d expect to get from an over the range microwave.

Customer’s Choice: Samsung Over-the-Range Microwave

“The microwave design is beautiful, it’s also extremely easy to use. My food reheats evenly and exactly as expected. Also very easy to install.” (Customer review)

Most Versatile: Panasonic NN-CD87KS Home Chef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven

The Panasonic NN-CD87KS is more than just a microwave, packing the technology needed to act as a convection over, an air fryer, and a broiler.

What Is an Over the Range Microwave?

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you struggled to find your way through the kitchen and prepare your food because you lacked the countertop space to move around freely, then you probably considered that it would be a great idea to get some of those appliances out of the way.

An over-the-range microwave is basically a microwave of a specific dimension that allows you to mount it one the wall or place it in a designated opening next to your kitchen cabinets. Heavier and less portable compared to your average microwave oven, these units come with built-in exhaust fans that use filters to recycle and recirculate air or they can be ducted outside. Over-the-range microwaves will typically take the place of a range hood, but they are not as efficient as one.

Tips for Installing an OTR Microwave

You can easily install an OTR microwave by yourself but there are situations where you have to call in a professional. A pro is needed when there is no existing vent duct or no electrical outlet in the proximity of the new microwave.

If you are determine to go through with the installation yourself, you are going to need a stud finder, a jigsaw, a level, tape measure, a carpenter’s pencil, drill and bits, a Phillips screwdriver, a ratchet wrench and dockets, tin snips if you’re going to install a vent, some masking tape, sheet metal screw, metal foil tape, an vent collar/vent fittings that are needed for the project.

  • The first step is finding the studs, as the mounting strip for the back of the microwave needs to be secured to them. Using a stud finder can help. Make sure you mark them down with a pencil once you find them.
  • Proceed to apply template paper on the wall. This should come with your microwave. You have to apply the right template to the cabinets and drill holes where indicated. These holes are required for venting and power cords.
  • You will have to cut the opening for the vent depending on how the existing vent runs. A jigsaw is best used here.
  • When you’re ready to install the mounting bracket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The strip needs to be anchored at stud locations for a better installation.
  • When you position the microwave oven, you might require a little bit of assistance to put it in place. The electrical cord should go through the drilled hole.
  • While the person who is helping you holds the microwave in place, attach the top mounting bolts (which should be delivered with the kit). With the microwave in place, go into the upper cabinet and thread the bolts through the drilled holes. The person who is holding the microwave can let go when the bolts are threaded, and you can proceed to tighten them.
  • The last step requires connecting the duct if you have a venter microwave model. Note that this step might require some fitting. Don’t forget to seal all joints using metal tape.

How to Choose

There are few specific features that you need to pay attention to when buying an over the range microwave, and these include:

  • The size of the microwave is important, especially if your kitchen space is somewhat restrictive. These products are available in different widths, and usually measure about 17 inches in height, 16 inches in depth, and 30 inches in width. Considering the fact that what sets these products apart from regular microwaves is the fact that they need to fit over your range, measuring that space is a crucial part of determining the right size for your future OTR microwave.
  • The wattage plays a major role in how the unit will perform when required to heat your food. An over-the-range microwave should have between 900 and 1,000 watts. Anything lower will cause the food to heat unevenly, and more powerful units, while better, are more expensive.
  • The microwave’s control panel is usually placed on the right side of the door, but this varies from one model to another. The location of the control panel is important depending on the height at which it’s placed. If you want the unit to be accessible to shorter family members, you have to take that into consideration when you’re navigating different designs.
  • The settings of the unit will grant you control over the different features, and you can pretty much figure out if a microwave is good for you based on the settings it has. You want a unit that allows you to set up your own cooking time, as well as the power level. You might want to choose microwaves with defrost settings or those with presets that include potatoes or pizza.
  • Convection heating is found on some models that aren’t just microwaves but also double as convection ovens. These units come with heating elements that can cook certain meals better. For instance, they can roast a turkey or give your pizza that nice crispy crust you love. With this additional heating system, the microwave is more likely to prepare food evenly.
  • These types of microwaves come with exhaust hoods. The vents on these microwaves can push air inside or outside the house. They usually have charcoal filters that remove grease and smoke from the air, preventing it from recirculating in the room. The exhaust fan on a microwave needs a minimum of 300 cubic feet to be efficient.

The Best Over the Range Microwaves

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath Black Stainless Steel

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath Black Stainless Steel

The ZLINE microwave is here to show you how high-performance technology can fit into a compact device that offers plenty of features for versatile cooking and food heating. There are plenty of impressive features to talk about, such as the fact that you can boil water in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. With a 900 watts power cap, this microwave includes the auto-defrost feature, convection and sensor cooking, plus a bunch of shortcut options for making popcorn or other goodies. It measures 16.4” H x 30” W x 15” D and has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet.

Cosmo Microwave with Sensor Cooking

Cosmo Microwave with Sensor Cooking

Next up, we have the Cosmo over-the-range microwave, another excellent product with features that offer better and more precise control over the way you prepare or heat your food. It has up to 1,000 watts of power, offering even heating for whatever you place on the turntable. It is equipped with a smart sensor that can detect when your food is hot and comes with an optional rack for heating multiple types of food at the same time. It has 6 pre-programmed cooking options, but it lacks convection cooking. It measures 16.4” H x 29.8” W x 15.4” D and has a 1.9 cubic feet capacity.

Cosmo 30″ 1.6 cu.ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

Cosmo 30" 1.6 cu.ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

Another great purchase from Cosmo is this 1.6 cubic foot over-the-range microwave. Capped at 1,000 watts of power, everything about this unit is amazing, starting with the display that’s easy to read and the black front that makes every kitchen look elegant and high-tech. It has a black glass finish that brings a modern appeal to your kitchen. There are several presets that allow you to operate the microwave with a single push of a button. It doesn’t offer convection heating but it does offer sensor heating. There are 10 power levels to choose from with this 16.4” H x 29.9” W x 15” D unit.

Samsung Over-the-Range Microwave

Samsung Over-the-Range Microwave

Samsung is no stranger to making high-quality appliances and gadgets, so it should come as a surprise that they make some of the best over-the-range microwaves on the market. This particular model is available in all kinds of finish options, from white to stainless steel. The microwave measures 17.06” H x 29.88” W x 16.5” D and has a capacity of 1.9 cubic feet, which should be enough to heat plenty of food at once. It comes with 5 autocook options and features sensor cooking for your convenience. The finish of the microwave is fingerprint resistant, just to make cleaning a little easier.

Bosch Over-the-Range Microwave

Bosch Over-the-Range Microwave

Another killer microwave is this model by Bosch, a brand I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now. This particular model comes with LED console lettering that makes it easier on the eyes, plus a few more features that make it worth the money. It has convection cooking to deliver an oven-type experience. The multi-speed vent will make sure to remove smoke and odors from the kitchen, leaving you with no regrets after using it. It has a reheat setting that will determine the cooking time and power level needed to heat your meals to perfection. It measures 16.5” H x 29.88” W x 15.88” D overall and has a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet.

Sharp Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Oven

Sharp Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Oven

Sharp delivers one of the best over-the-range microwaves, with features and functions that make it an excellent kitchen appliance. It has a smaller capacity than the other microwaves we’ve looked at today, with only 1.1 cubic feet to offer. It has an 850 watts power capacity and measures 16.34” H x 29.9” W x 15.3” D. It offers both convection cooking (with 1,400 watts of power) and sensor cooking. It comes with a built-in exhaustion system that equips a two-speed ventilation fan plus a hood light. There are 8 sensor cooking options to choose from.

Frigidaire Gallery Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Frigidaire Gallery Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

With a total of 1.5 cubic feet and a 1,450-watt power capacity, this over-the-range microwave is a true winner. It offers convertible ventilation which means that you get to choose whether you want the unit to recirculate the air inside the room or have it ducted outside. It comes with a charcoal filter and 2 grease filters that should keep you covered for a while. It integrates cooktop lighting and has a pretty sweet night light option as well. It offers both convection and sensor cooking. Overall, this Frigidaire unit measures 16.37” H x 29.87” W x 15.75” D and comes with a turntable of 13.63 inches in diameter.

GE JVM3160RFSS Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

GE JVM3160RFSS Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

Coming in strong at 15.25 x 29.88 x 16.5 inches, the GE JVM3160RFSS microwave is another suitable option for those interested in a decent microwave that doesn’t cost a small fortune. This model offers 1,000 watts of power and a total capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. The control panel is located on the right side of the unit and grants control over features and settings that you can manually program for personalized results. It is equipped with a two-speed venting system and features 10 power levels.

Panasonic NN-CD87KS Home Chef Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-CD87KS Home Chef Microwave Oven

This Panasonic isn’t exactly an over the range microwave because it measures 22”W x 13.4”H x 17”D, but it is still a product that can be installed in a designated space above the kitchen counter, so you don’t have to occupy any countertop space if you don’t want to. What makes the Panasonic NN-CD87KS truly special is that fact that it works as a microwave, convection oven, air fryer, and broiler, all in a single product. The convection feature works at temperatures between 100° and 425° F. The air fryer feature circulates air so that you can make crispy food without having to bathe them in oil. With the broiler feature, you can make meals that are frown and toasty.


Is over the range microwave good?

If you have limited countertop space in your kitchen, an over the range microwave is definitely the right choice. Since they don’t occupy any space on the surface of your kitchen furniture, they are perfect for opening up space.

Are over the range microwaves a standard size?

Most over the range microwaves that you’ll find on the market have a 30-inch width in order to fit the cutout where they’re going to be installed.

What is the best over the range microwave oven to buy?

There are plenty of brands that make really good over the range microwaves, such as Samsung, GE, Bosch, Frigidaire, LG, and Panasonic.

Does over the range microwave need to be vented?

As far as ventilation is concerned, you have two different types of over the range microwaves: some allow the installation of a ventilation system while others come with charcoal filters that can recycle the air inside the kitchen.

In Conclusion

An over-the-range microwave is a kitchen appliance that needs to combine functionality and aesthetics. It has to fit into the kitchen design and the space that’s specifically designed for it. With an over-the-range microwave, you can free up a lot of countertop space, as regular microwaves can be quite big and bulky. The specifications for such a product are pretty similar to those of a regular microwave, with the major differences being in the fact that these models can have ventilation functionality and can double as convection ovens.

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Buy your new kitchen online: Website sales up by over 100% since lockdown

Can you buy your new kitchen online? Well, covid-19 has left virtually no part of society untouched or unaffected. The disruption it brought to everyday life meant that people could no longer go where they wanted to when they wanted. From a consumer’s point of view, this also meant that we no longer had the freedom to buy what they wanted when they wanted either.

Staying in became the new going out and businesses struggled to adapt to the meet the needs of consumers. The ‘new normal’ was unlike anything anybody had experienced in living memory. Looking back over the past year and seeing which businesses and sectors thrived during the pandemic reveals a lot about our new buying habits and how our lifestyles have been affected.

From pizza deliveries to soft furnishings, many brands have seen a sharp uptake in online sales. In fact, website sales in general have soared by over 100%. We have begun to realise (if we didn’t already know) that we can buy pretty much anything online. And that definitely includes kitchens.

You can certainly buy your new kitchen online.

Sales have soared for those who were selling the things we needed the most

Broadly speaking, the businesses that have come out of the pandemic the best fall into one of four main categories. Firstly, the brands who already had a slick online presence. Secondly, those who quickly adapted and revised their offering to consumers. Thirdly, the companies that were big enough and had broad enough shoulders to weather the storm. And, last but not least, those who were selling the things we needed most. Of course, the most successful businesses were any that fell into more than one of the aforementioned categories.

There are have been some remarkable success stories. Online retailer Very saw a 36% growth in sales during the period of April/May/June 2020. Unsurprisingly, Amazon were able to take full advantage of the fact that more people were shopping online due to lockdown restrictions. Sales surged by 26% to a staggering £13.73 billion. It was also one of the few companies who were in a position to increase its workforce last year. It created 7,000 new UK jobs during 2020.

Even some High Street retailers who had been struggling pre-pandemic reported an upturn in fortunes. Unsurprisingly, the fashion chain Next saw sales in its bricks and mortar stores fall considerably – by 61%. However, this was counteracted handsomely with online sales. The company was initially predicting pre-tax profits in the region of £195million. In the end, due to the online surge in sales, Next posted pre-tax profits of around £300million.

The Online Sales Lockdown Success Stories

Some of the best online sales lockdown success stories are pretty obvious when all is said and done. Take Domino’s, for example. Going against the grain of furlough and redundancy, the pizza delivery chain were able to create 6,000 new jobs during the pandemic. Obviously, there was a massive upsurge in demand for home delivery of food. Supermarket chains are saw an increase in demand. Aldi saw sales increase by 13% over the twelve weeks up to July 2020. The German business also opened, on average, one new store every week from the autumn and up to Christmas.

Despite the loss of in-store café trade and a dramatic reduction in fuel sales, Morrison’s also reported an overall rise in profits. Similarly, supermarket giant, Tesco, created over 15,000 new permanent roles because of the massive growth of its online business. Online orders for Iceland surged by over 300% during April 2020 as consumers rushed to book delivery slots as non-essential retailers were forced to shut their doors.

Elsewhere, delivery company, DPD, invested £200million to expand its capacity for next-day delivery. As customers used lockdown to improve the décor of their homes, the likes of Dunhelm reported that they came out of the first lockdown in a stronger position than they entered it, with online sales doubling. Sofa and flooring specialists, SCS, also saw an extra £19million in sales.

So, where do kitchens fit into all of this?

Buy your new kitchen online: In comfort and with confidence

At Kitchen Warehouse, our raison d’etre is to sell high quality kitchens at prices that are fair, transparent and honest. Low and affordable prices are our watchwords. We want to make the purchase of a new kitchen an enjoyable experience that doesn’t require you to re-mortgage your home or do without a family holiday for the next 5 years!

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a vast range of designs and styles to choose from. We are confident that we’ll be able to provide a design that will complement your current interior design choices or help you to create the perfect new look that you are after for your kitchen. Finally, we realise that some of our customers will always want to come into the showroom to see what we can do for you. We have good news on that score too! Following the easing of government restrictions, our showroom is open once again by appointment only. However, our newly updated website makes it easier than ever to buy everything you need for your new kitchen online and from the comfort of your own home.

Buy your new kitchen online: Direct from the website

Our updated website is very user-friendly. Check out our new styles online! You can buy your complete new kitchen directly from the website. What’s more, as our kitchens come flatpacked, they are easy to store and deliver.

Low prices are one thing – and because we cut out the middleman, affordable prices are guaranteed. However, if you are going to have the confidence to buy your new kitchen online, you need the website to be easy to navigate. You also need the entire buying process to be simple and straightforward.

Our website certainly ticks all these boxes.

How to choose your new kitchen

To choose your new kitchen, simply click on the image on each page to view a particular product in more detail. As you click through, you will be taken to the individual product page. This contains the price and all these prices are totally inclusive. There are no nasty extras to pay. Having items in your basket will give you the total cost of your items. Of course, there is no commitment to buy and you can add and take things out of your basket as much as you want.

Whether you are looking for an entire new kitchen or you are simply looking for some replacement kitchen doors, the Kitchen Warehouse team is always on hand to help. Simply contact us by calling 01765 640 000 or emailing us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.



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The Stylish Defining Characteristics Of A Luxury Kitchen

Some types of spaces make it easy to create a refined and sophisticated interior design, and that’s usually the case with leisure areas while utilitarian spaces tend to be more focused on functionality rather than visual appeal, hence they sometimes lack style. The kitchen is an interesting case. With so many appliances and features that need to fit in this space, we sometimes ignore the fact that a luxury kitchen can be an awesome addition to a home. Plus it can have a substantial impact on the entire home interior, especially if the kitchen is part of an open floor plan.

Characteristics Which Make Your Kitchen More Luxurious

1. Consider The Materials, Colors, And Lighting

There’s no clear definition of what makes a kitchen or any other space look luxurious and sophisticated in the first place. For beautiful kitchens it can be any number of things, such as the materials used, the colors, the finishes, the backsplash, the lighting, the fixtures, etc. You can find a wide array of beautiful designs to choose from offered by J&J Teixeira. This is one of them.

2. Mix Minimalism With Functionality

Here you can take a peek at the Aria luxury kitchen. Its minimalism and beauty are only matched by its functionality and user-friendliness. This luxury kitchen is designed with great attention to detail and a simple yet sophisticated array of materials, finishes, and colors. Gray is definitely the star of the design, being complemented here by wooden tones and stainless steel accents which balance out the design perfectly.

3. Enjoy Wood Finishes

A lot of times the beauty of an interior design doesn’t come from the materials or the finishes involved. Wood, for example, is an incredibly versatile material and here, for example, it helps to add warmth and texture to an otherwise extremely simple luxury kitchen design.

4. The Simplicity Of A Marble Backsplash

Similarly, this kitchen has an extremely simple design and is mostly all white. Even so, espresso design managed to make it look refined and sophisticated by carefully maintaining simplicity and beauty. The marble backsplash is a beautiful feature and you can see it extend all along the backside of the cabinets, creating a back panel at the top in order to maintain symmetry and fluidity in the design.

5. Pay Attention To Details

The Motra Collection designed by Christopher Peacock combines clean modern aesthetics with the charm of suburban home kitchens. You can best observe this charming blend by looking at the details such as the hardware of the cabinets.

6. Combine Wood With Marble

The luxury kitchens in this collection come in a wide variety of natural and stained wood finishes as well as any paint color requested by the client. Marble countertops and backsplashes give the kitchen a refined and elegant allure while the woods ensure a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

7. Charming Farmhouse Touches

The Motra collection can also be defined by a rich diversity of designs, finishes, and even colors. This particular model, for instance, has a subtle farmhouse-style charm featuring glass front cabinets set right on top of the countertop, detailed cabinet door pulls, and appliances with plenty of industrial flair.

8. Statement Chandeliers

There are a lot of different details which can elevate a kitchen from common to sophisticated. For example, an eye-catching chandelier like this one would definitely become the focal point of the room. Naturally, the furniture should be designed in the same ornamental manner.

9. Elegant Detailing Is A Must

The kitchen cabinets can themselves become the focal point of the space if they’re detailed in such a manner that they’re eye-catching or simply unusual enough. Check out this luxury kitchen and all its elegant detailing for example.

10. Unique And Sophisticated Seating Solutions

Of course, it’s not all about the kitchen cabinetry or the appliances, especially if the kitchen is big enough to incorporate a dining area. For example, this is a kitchen island with a table extension. The marble top matches the kitchen’s counters and backsplashes and the base has the same elegant and sculptural details on it as the cabinets.

11. Find The Right Color Combination

Sometimes the trick is simply finding the right proportions for the kitchen furnishings and the right combination of colors and finishes. We love how the black cabinets complement the dark backsplash and the ivory-colored wall-mounted modules in this kitchen designed by Verona mobili.

12. Having Balance Is Crucial

In some cases, all the effort goes into not making the kitchen look like a utilitarian space but rather as an integral part of the living area. That means there has to be a perfect balance between looks and functionality and that special attention is given to the idea of comfort and everything related to it.

13. The Whole Room Should Be Decorated

When there’s a table in the kitchen, that naturally means that there are also chairs and maybe even a beautiful and sophisticated chandelier hanging above the table. It can also mean that there’s an area rug on the floor and even some artwork on the adjacent wall. A mirror can also work.

14. Retro Style Can Be Luxurious

A luxury kitchen might also be characterized by a style other than the contemporary one, a style that’s less common, retro, and thus special and sophisticated in a lot of ways. A kitchen with rustic cabinets could be included in this category, for example.

15. Aesthetic Matters

Similarly, a luxury kitchen might also emphasize the aesthetic details of its design. For example, the cabinetry could more or less be very common and simple in terms of structure but the door fronts and the hardware could be the focal points of the design. In other words, it’s the facade that matters in this case.

16. Geometry Is Incorporated Into The Design

A luxury kitchen might also feature a very interesting and unusual geometry. The Vision kitchen, for instance, is characterized by soft and fluid lines, symmetrical forms, and perfect geometries. It evokes a sense of purity and extreme simplicity, basically reinventing all the things we take for granted in the kitchen.

17. Designs Which Support Social Traditions

The Aran Cucine luxury kitchens are characterized by elegant and innovative designs oriented towards the idea of a social, family home where this space is the central meeting point for all family members. The design evokes tradition and passion and is created using high-quality materials and refined methods.

18. Textures Match

This is the Petra kitchen designed by TM Italia. Its design shows great attention to detail and beautiful texture matching with a focus not only on the counters and cabinetry but also the way in which these elements interact with the kitchen flooring or other environmental elements.

19. Space Planning Is Important

The worst mistake you can make when redesigning your kitchen to make it more luxurious is to have a design which uses up too much space. This will just make your kitchen feel cramped rather than sophisticated. Luckily, there are many things you can do to save space, such as stacking appliances and having custom cabinets designed specifically for your space like these pictured in Bow Valley Kitchens. Notice in this kitchen how there is maximum storage available without sacrificing the space.

20. Don’t Skimp On Kitchen Appliances

Although it may be tempting to buy that white second-hand fridge with a scratch near the bottom. But the truth is, high-end appliances are an essential part of a luxurious kitchen. This is because, after the cabinets, the appliances are often what people notice next. Your appliances should at least match each other, but for true extravagance, they must blend with the design as well. In this kitchen on Kitcheniac, the appliances are all stainless steel and are very cohesive with the handles featured on the cabinetry.

21. Kitchen Islands

Gone are the days when kitchen islands were not considered part of the perfect luxurious kitchen. Kitchen islands can be the central and most eye-catching feature in a kitchen which is designed properly. In this elegant kitchen by Intrim Mouldings, the kitchen island is designed in a unique shape to fit the space, while also giving maximum functionality. The countertop matches the features in the rest of the kitchen and can be used for a number of purposes while retaining its classy feel.

22. Clutter Free Countertops

This may be a tough one if there simply isn’t enough storage in your kitchen, but one characteristic of a luxury kitchen is clutter free countertops. This means placing all appliances in cupboards, and dishes will need to have their own spot as well. As you can see in this design by Bentwood Kitchens, the countertops being completely empty shows off the wood finishes and split island design—which conveniently helps the storage issue, as both islands feature storage for items that normally clutter countertops.

23. A Stylish Hood

When it comes to kitchen appliances, people don’t often think of the range hood as an appliance. But it is, and fortunately, a hood is a piece that can easily be used in the design of a luxurious kitchen. As you can see in this kitchen by Haute Residence, the range hood is incorporated into the elegant and flawless cabinet design while still retaining its full functionality. It gives the kitchen a nice upgrade as opposed to having a white or metallic range hood against the stunning white cabinets.

24. Less Is More

You don’t always have to go full opulent to create a luxury kitchen. In this example by Revuu, a minimalist but striking kitchen is designed to leave the windows uncovered by high cabinets to allow light into the room. And people can easily pass on either side of the impressive island thanks to the minimalist stools which offer seating while also being small. And these stools also add a simple, but beautiful, pop of color to the off-white cabinetry and countertops.

25. Personal Touches

Even the most luxurious kitchens have personal touches. See this renovation project on Pico Living, which took a number of the previous characteristics on this list, combining a retro style with attractively detailed cabinets. Contrasting chandeliers were also installed over the island, and the range hood was incorporated into the design. But what really makes the room is the unique, gold textured wall which was used to accent the completely black and white room. This is a personal touch that truly makes the kitchen unique in its luxury.

26. Open Shelving Is An Option

Sometimes people think that a luxury kitchen means you have to hide all of your dishes and appliances. And this isn’t necessarily true. A luxurious kitchen can make use of open shelving like in this gorgeous kitchen in Black Line Renovations. The open shelves just need to be artfully placed and incorporated into the design. They also need to be kept free of clutter of course, and the dishes you place there should be of display quality.

27. Include The Ceiling

When designing a luxury kitchen, it’s imperative not to forget the ceiling. The way a ceiling is styled can both help and hurt the cohesion of a room. Sometimes a coat of paint is enough, or in this kitchen on Bellicisma Blog, finished wood touches were added to accent the ceiling to match the cabinetry. The ceiling can also be redone completely to add different levels and more advanced light fixtures.

28. Hide The Fridge

One common characteristic a lot of luxury kitchens have in common is that the fridge is built into the design. This is because the fridge can often be large and unsightly when it comes to your kitchen aesthetic. In this kitchen featured on Bow Valley Kitchens, you can see how well the cabinets flow when the bulky fridge is incorporated into one of the cabinets. This gives the kitchen a much sleeker and more cohesive look.

29. Intricate Lighting

Even if a chandelier isn’t right for your home, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a luxurious kitchen. Lighting has a lot to do with luxury, so simply picking a beautiful and elegant lighting solution can really transform a kitchen. In this home by Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, a hanging sphere light is used to tie the room together. The spherical shape really stands out next to the rest of the kitchen which is filled with straight lines, leading the light fixture to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.

30. Adjustable Lighting

Besides just having unique lighting, nothing says luxury like having multiple sources of lighting which can be adjusted to suit the mood. If you are installing new light fixtures, adding a dimmer switch is an easy upgrade to add. Then you can quickly and easily shift the mood from meal prep to a romantic dinner for two. In this luxury kitchen by Cesar NYC, there is shelf lighting in addition to multiple sources of ceiling light that can be mixed and matched to create the desired mood.

No matter how you look at it, the kitchen is one of the most frequently viewed rooms in your entire home. Not only is a kitchen the center of activity, but it is also where guests can relax and feel comfortable. Therefore, there is no reason not to have a luxury kitchen that is both functional and extravagant at the same time. Even just incorporating a few of the ideas from this list in your next remodel can take your kitchen up a level that will have everyone in the neighborhood jealous of your amazingly lavish kitchen!

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65 Ingenious Kitchen Organization Tips And Storage Ideas

Being organized is one of the first things we learn yet we’re having trouble with it even as adults. Kitchen organization is one of the trickiest things, simply because there are so many little things you need to pay attention to. Cabinets and drawer are not enough anymore. It’s time you considered a few more ingenious solutions.

Simple Hacks to Transform Your Kitchen Storage

Wall Storage

1. Transform Your Backsplash Into A Storage Area

The Fastbo from Ikea can transform your backsplash into an organized storage area. Hang items you use on a daily basis with hooks on a rod. Perfect for utensils and even planters. This area is so often wasted, so put it to good use with the Fastbo and add more storage space into even the smallest of kitchens. {found on ikea}.

2. Maximize the Space Available to You

Try to squeeze as many things into one space as you can. A wall-mounted shelf for pots and jars, magnetic spice storage on the side, and all your utensils right in front of you. You’ll be surprised how much storage you can add into even the smallest of kitchens, which will free up your surfaces from clutter. {found on ikea}.

3. Cutlery And Utensil Storage Pockets

Make cutlery and utensil storage pockets using cutting boards and fabric napkins or hand towels. They’re great if you want to add a rustic touch to your kitchen décor.

4. Recycle Old Items to Create Storage Solutions

Re-purpose items and don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, a rake can be turned into a great storage solution for your kitchen utensils. Mount it on the wall and use the teeth as hooks. This is a great way to minimize your impact on the environment while adding much-needed storage into your kitchen.

5. Hang Pots and Pans Up On the Wall With Hooks

All the pots and pans take up a lot of space if you store them in cabinets and they’re difficult to organize too. A much more practical solution would be to hang them on a wall with hooks. Store them high on the wall, above the backsplash.

6. Use Clothespins To Hang Kitchen Towels

Use clothespins to hang kitchen towels. Apply a strip of double-sided tape to the back of wooden clothespins and them stick them on the wall. Clip your kitchen towels in.

7. Find a Designated Space for Each Item

It’s also very practical to have a designated space for all the things that need to be stored in the kitchen, like a board on the wall with hooks and pins for everything, from pots to wooden spoons and oven gloves. This will ensure you have somewhere to put back each item after you use it. Everyone in your home will soon get used to where everything lives, saving you time cleaning up in the future.

8. Add Wall-Mounted Containers

Maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen pantry with wall-mounted containers. Label them so you know where to look for the thing you need.

Spice Storage Ideas

9. Put Your Spice Jars in Order

Put all your spice jars in order. Store and organize them with a spice rack. This one has tiny compartments of equal dimensions and the tiny jars fit perfectly in there. Of course, if you are feeling more creative, you could also create your own spice rack from scratch. {found on ninered}.

10. Store Your Spices in a Drawer

You can also store your spices in a drawer. But don’t just throw them all in there. Organize them in rows so you can read the labels. This is a great option if you don’t use your spices all the time or don’t want them out on your kitchen counters cluttering up your space.

11. Add Shelving Into Your Kitchen

Shelves are also practical for storing spices. Reserve some space on your kitchen island. If you want, you can hide them behind closed doors.

12. Wall-Mounted Shelves for Your Spices

If you’d rather save space in your cabinets and drawers, display your spices on wall-mounted shelves. They’re easier to grab and you can place them anywhere you want.

13. Wall-Mounted Shelves for Your Spices

It’s a lot better to have all the spices organized in rows and all in one place. Here’s a compact and practical solution. This barely takes up any space in your kitchen and is a great idea for smaller kitchen spaces.

14. A Pull-Out Organizer For Your Spices

Store the spices under the cabinet with a pull-out organizer that slides back in to save you space and to reduce clutter. We love this angled organizer which makes it easy to see all of the spices you have to hand in your kitchen while you are cooking.

Pot Lid Storage

15. Store the Lids Separately

Finding storage for all your pots may prove to be difficult but what about the lids? They can be stored above the stove if you install a towel bar.

16. Store The Lids Inside The Cupboard

Store the lids inside the cupboard along with the pots. This container rolls in and out so it’s very practical and easy to use. You’ll have everything you need in one space, without the pots and their lids taking up the whole cupboard. Pots can be almost impossible to stack when they have their lids on, so this is a great alternative solution.

17. Install Bars On The Inside Of Your Cabinet Doors

Install bars on the inside of your cabinet doors. This way the lids won’t slide and roll out and you can store them safely.

18. Hooks for Your Pot Lids

Store the pot lids on hooks under the kitchen cabinets. Install the hooks under the cabinet and space them out so the lids fit comfortably.

19. Use a Towel Rack to Store Your Lids

You can use a towel rack to make storage for lids. The rack can be installed on the inside of cabinet doors, inside the pantry, or on the wall. {found on instructables}.

20. A Drawer Just for Your Pot Lids

If you’ve decided to store your pots in a deep pull-out drawer, then you could have a drawer for the lids placed just above that. They can both be hidden behind the same panel.

21. Build Shelving for Your Pot Lids

Make shelving for your pot lids and install it on the wall. You can buy a lid rack like this one or improvise and make your own version or repurpose a few things.

22. Store The Pots And Pans With Hooks

Store the pots and pans with hooks on a wall-mounted rail and attach each lid to the corresponding pan. Just slide the handle of the lid down the handle of the pan. This is the perfect solution for storing your pots and pans together, and also makes a great decoration for an empty wall in your kitchen.

Pantry Organization

23. Pull-Out Drawers

If you keep your pantry organized, you won’t want to clean it as often. Use pull-out drawers to store and organize all the little items. Pull-out drawers can be used to store almost any type of dry product, and they allow you to see everything that’s hidden within your pantry.

24. Make the Most of the Corner Spaces in Your Pantry

Use the corner spaces efficiently and get extra pantry space with these lazy susans. They’re great for organizing cans, jars, and other things.

25. Label Everything in Your Pantry

Another great trick is to label everything. If you’re using baskets, unless they’re transparent, you should put labels on them. The same thing goes for other containers.

26. Choose the Right Type of Shelving for Your Pantry

Make the most of your pantry by choosing the right type of shelving. For example, these shelves wrap around the pantry and let you see everything without having to dog through big piles.

27. Treat Your Pantry Like a Walk-In Closet

Design your pantry the same way you design a walk-in closet. There should be a variety of storage solutions, like drawers, shelves, wine racks, etc. So many homeowners neglect to plan their pantry when they first move into a home. It’s one of the areas of your home that you’ll use daily, so keep it well organized to make it easier to find everything.

28. Use the Inside of the Doors for Additional Storage

Don’t limit yourself to the space inside the pantry. You can also use the inside of the doors as well. Install racks to maximize the storage space.

Countertop Storage

29. Add Basic Items to the Countertop for Easy Access

It’s actually better not to store things on the countertop if you can find other solutions but sometimes it’s more practical to have the basic things right there when you need them.

30. Use an Old Chicken Feeder

This is actually an old chicken feeder repurposed to serve as storage for the kitchen. It’s great for keeping all the basic items in one place. It’s a great way of reducing your impact on the environment by reusing an old item instead of purchasing a new storage solution.

31. Store Your Counter Bottles On A Tray

Store your counter bottles in a tray or basket. Aesthetically, it looks better and it’s also practical. You can move the whole set wherever you need it.

32. Organize the Loose Items on Your Countertop

Get all the loose stuff you have on the countertop organized. Place your salt and pepper shakers, olive bottles, and everything else in a tray. If it has handles, then it’s even better.

33. Keep Your Kitchen Utensils Well Organized

If you want to store your kitchen utensils on the countertop, then you should organize them. Get three tall containers and label them. One is for baking, one for cooking, and one for serving utensils. {found on craftsbyamanda}.

Organizing The Drawers

34. Organize Your Drawers Diagonally To Fit In Your Utensils

The main problem with drawers is that they’re difficult to organize. A clever way to make the most of kitchen drawers is by organizing them diagonally so all the utensils fit.

35. Add Drawer Dividers to Organize Everything Inside

Also, it’s practical to have drawer dividers so you can better organize everything inside as opposed to just throw everything in there. These can be purchased very inexpensively from most home stores and will be one of the best purchases you ever make for your kitchen. {found on kevinandamanda}.

36. Purchase a Knife Block

Keeping all your knives in a drawer is not exactly safe unless you have a knife block. You save space and you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers when digging for the right knife. {found on askannamoseley}.

37. Use Deep Drawers to Store Larger Utensils

Set up big compartments in your deep drawers and you can have built-in storage for onion, garlic, potato, and other stuff. Perfect for the area right below your cutting board.

38. Deep Organizers For Utensils

Here’s another practical way of using drawer space. These deep organizers are perfect for kitchen utensils and cutlery.

39. Organize Your Spices In A Drawer

Store spices in drawers but make sure you organize them nicely. Put them in rows and, if there’s some space left, fill it with a box or something else to prevent the spice jars from rolling around.

40. Partitioned Drawers For Better Organization

Partitioned dishwasher drawers are very practical, especially if you place them next to the dishwasher. Use pegs to organize the dishes and to keep them in place.

41. Label Your Pull-Out Drawers

If you have pull-out drawers inside your kitchen cabinets, you should label them. For example, one drawer can be dedicated to spices, another one to sweets, and so on. This DIY project will put a personal stamp on your pantry or kitchen and add a unique touch to the drawers. {found on abeautifulmess}.

42. How to Store Your Vegetables

The drawer right under the kitchen sink or cutting board area can be dedicated to storing vegetables. You can have wooden dividers inside or place them in crates.

43. A Drawer for Your Kitchen Towels

Keep all your kitchen towels nice and organized in a special drawer. Different compartments of different dimensions correspond to different types of towels.

44. Big Drawer For Recycling And Garbage Bins

Dedicate a big drawer to recycling and garbage bins. A smaller drawer right above that one can be for garbage bags, gloves, and sponges.

Behind Closed Doors

45. Use the Inside of a Cabinet Door

Be smart and use every inch of space. For example, the inside of cabinet doors can be used for storing spices like in this case.

46. Dedicate A Cabinet Door To Measuring Cups

You can use dedicate a cabinet door to measuring cups. Use chalkboard paint and write down all the equivalents. {found on manditremayne}.

47. Install A Magazine Rack For Wax Paper And Other Supplies

Install a magazine rack to the interior of your cabinet doors and use it to store wax paper and other similar supplies.

48. A Pocket Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

Get yourself a pocket organizer for things like gloves, brushes, sponges, and other cleaning supplies and organize them on the cabinet door, under the sink. {found on imperfecthomemaking}.

Under The Sink

49. Hang Your Cleaning Supplies On A Rod

As it turns out, the space under the sink doesn’t necessarily have to be dead space if you use it correctly. You can hang your cleaning supplies on a rod and everything else can be stored in boxes.

50. A Pull-Out Drawer for Your Cleaning Products

Keep things clean and simple with a pull-out drawer. You can put dividers in if you want or you can simply store there all the basic cleaning products.

51. Wire Baskets on a Shelf Board

Aside from a pull-out drawer, you can also have wire baskets installed on a shelf board. You can store there things like towels and sponges. {found on craftsalamode}.

52. A Heavy-Duty Metal Pull-Out Drawer

A heavy-duty metal pull-out drawer is also great for storing and organizing all the cleaning supplies that usually pile up under the sink.

53. Store Your Cleaning Products in Baskets

It’s customary to have the garbage bins placed under the sink, behind cabinet doors. But don’t waste all that space just for that. You can also squeeze in your cleaning products, nicely arranged in a basket. {found on askannamoseley}.

54. Make the Most of the Space Under Your Sink

Make the most of the space under the sink. Organize everything in baskets and boxes, hang towels from hooks on the inside of the doors, and install a rack up there too. {found on sweetparrishplace}.

55. Storing Items Inside The Cabinet Door

If you do decide to store things on the inside of the cabinet door, then make sure you leave room for them inside. {found on organizinghomelife}.

56. Storage Bins for Your Everyday Cleaning Items

Two individual storage bins should be enough to keep all your everyday cleaners and similar items organized under the sink. {found on julieblanner}.

57. Use a Variety of Containers

The whole point here is to be ingenious and to compartmentalize everything as best you can. Use different types of containers.{found on hisugarplum}.

Wire Baskets

58. Store Utensils and Brushes in Wire Baskets

There are tons of uses for wire baskets in the kitchen. For example, use them to store and organize kitchen utensils and brushes.

59. Wire Baskets For Vegetables

You can also use wire baskets for vegetables. Label them so it’s easier to grab the ingredient you need. Perfect for the pantry or for cabinets.

60. Store Cutting Boards in Wire Baskets

Install a wire basket on the side of the kitchen island or cabinet and use it to store your cutting boards. You can also use it as a towel rack.{found on vintagemellie}.

61. Add Extra Storage Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Use wire baskets to get extra storage in your kitchen cabinets. For example, they can fit under the shelves.

62. Wire Baskets for Your Kitchen Island

Make the most of your kitchen island with wire baskets. Mount them on the side and use them to store all sorts of things, from cutting boards to plates and towels. {found on goldenboysandme}.

63. Store Your Cookery Books in Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are also great for storing kitchen books. Mount them on the wall like this and you can use them as cubbies.

64. Store Wooden Spoons And Kitchen Utensils In Baskets

Another useful idea is to store wooden spoons and kitchen utensils in baskets which you can mount on the wall or the inside of a cabinet door.

65. Store Fruits and Vegetables for Easy Access

These wire baskets are similar to paper towel racks. Hang them on a rod under the cabinet and use them to store vegetables and fruits or the ingredients you plan on using right away.

When it comes to wire baskets, don’t forget the kitchen pantry. Baskets are extremely useful here. Wire baskets don’t necessarily need labels.

There are so many different ways you can improve your kitchen storage, and this is just the start of the ideas available to you today. All of these solutions are very quick and easy to add to any kitchen or pantry but will make finding your ingredients and utensils so much easier when you are cooking and cleaning. Which one of these ideas are you going to try first? We hope these easy kitchen organization tips will help to transform your home this year.

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