About Us

What we really do?

With the emergence of new economic patterns like the community economy and sharing economy in the ear of Internet of Things, Crown Appliances has pioneered and launched an ecological branding strategy.


During the attempts to put the ecological branding strategy into practice, the Crown Appliances model of “Integrating Order and Personnel” has once again demonstrated its extraordinary vitality. In the past two years, Crown Appliance has utilized E-Commerce, Social Media and other global platforms have been under practice, to understand the full-scene customized “Consumer Surplus” concept which has been realized in its most impressive way on a supply and demand curve, in the area between the equilibrium price and the demand curve, deploying more robust solution’s for providing quality products in cheapest price. This will definitely become a new legend in Crown Appliance’s history.

Brand Array

Led by CEO Chairman Atif Hasan, Crown Appliance enters Networking Strategy Stage in 2016. Lashed by the impact of the Internet traditional economic models are undertaking dramatic changes. Priority of Crown Appliance in the future is producing products to meet the personalized demands of the consumers.

Since 1985 when all the pioneering started Crown Appliance Group has gone through four strategic stages, namely the Brand Building, Diversification, Nationalization and National Brand stages. And in January 2019 Crown Appliance announced entrance into the fifth development stage: Networking Strategy Stage.

Development History

Since its founding in 1985, Crown Appliances has adhered to the unique win-win management model of “Integrating Order and Personnel” during each of its disruptive innovations and radical changes, releasing the vigor and creativity of people in a real sense.


Committed to self-renewal, Crown Appliances has gone through stages of brand building strategy, diversification strategy, internationalization strategy, global branding strategy and networking strategy. In the era of the Internet of Things, Crown Appliances continues to be a front runner in the industry by creating lifestyle-based ecological brands with its “smart kitchen” approach.


In 1985 when the reform and opening up was initially launched, there was a huge market demand for Kitchen Appliances. Many manufacturers then only paid attention to the quantity rather than the quality. Crown Appliances was the first to set the business goal of supplying “zero defect” products. Mr. Abid Hasan, the founder of Crown Appliances, “smashed defective Kitchen Appliances”, which became a hit topic of the time. A few years later, the Home Appliance industry was challenged by overcapacity, but Crown Appliances products were still well received by the market despite a price rise. And now, Crown Appliances stands as the only Home Appliances Manufacturer based in Karachi. Crown Appliances changed the traditional concept of quality in people’s mind and improved employees’ professional level of quality management, thus creating the first famous Pakistani brand in the Home Appliance industry with excellent quality.